Resource List

General Guides

  1. F. Mary Williams and Carolyn J. Emerson, Becoming Leaders: A Handbook for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s, Canada, 2002. to order 
  2. Richard Reis, Tomorrow’s Professor,
  3. Paula J. Caplan, Lifting a Ton of Feathers: A Woman's Guide for Surviving in the Academic World, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1993.
  4. Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ann E. Austin, editors, Developing New and Junior Faculty, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, c1992 

General First Person Accounts

  1. Some authors to read:
    • A. P Bucak

Getting the Job

  1. The Gap that Wont Go Away. The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 18, 2003. page A12-A16
  2. CRA Workshop on Careers for Women.
  3. Online Job Guides and website resources
  4. Getting an Academic Job, Michael Ernst.
  5. Ralph G. Carter, James M. Scott,  Navigating the Academic Job Market Minefield
  6. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Advice Column: Career Talk - Practical guidance for academic job seekers from professional career counselors.
  7. Chris M. Golde, After the Offer, Before the Deal: Negotiating a First Academic Job, Academe: Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, January/February 1999, Vol. 85, no. 1, pp. 44-49, Academe
  8. Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
  9. Northern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

Having It All

  1. Job-sharing: A Sample Agreement
  2. The Subtle Side of Discrimination. The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 18, 2003, Page C5
  3. Job Sharing, Katherine Marshall, Perspectives, Summer, 1997 pages 6 – 10
  4. How to Succeed in Science Without Being Single, Mary Beckman, Chronicle
  5. The Dual-Career-Couple Problem, Laurie McNeil and Marc Sher, Report
  6. Dual Career Academic Couples Panel Discussion, March 9, 2000, Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan,
  7. Women in Cell Biology Audio file
  8. When Officemates are Also Roommates, Robin Wilson, The Chronicle of Higher Education,
  9. Job Sharing Rises as Professor Seek Flexible Schedules. Alison Schneider. The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 8, 2000. here
  10. Two Academic Careers and One Fulfilling Job, Elizabeth and Lewis Perry, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 17, 2000.
  1. Job Sharing Offers Unique Challenges, Elizabeth Sheley, HR Magazine Online Archive, January 31, 2003, here
  2. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Advice Column: Balancing Act: How to find a balance between work and family.
  3. How to Cope on the Market as an Academic Couple, Ellen Ostrow,
  4. The Plight of the Trailing Partner, Robin B. Wagner,
  5. Finding a Balance Between Family and Work, Margaret Newhouse,
  6. The Worst Question, Robert MacDougall,
  7. Do Babies Matter? The Effect of Family Formation on the Lifelong Careers of Academic Men and Women, Mary Ann Mason and Marc Goulden,
  8. Singing the Grad-School Baby Blues, Joan Williams
  9. Elizabeth Freeland's Career Breaks Webpage:
  10. Elizabeth Freeland's article on Career Breaks from the Gazette,  a newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics of the APS
  11. Elizabeth Freeland's article on her Career Break + Several Articles on the Dual Career Opportunity from the Gazette,  a newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics of the APS

Planning and Funding Research

  1. Ralph E. Matkin and T.F. Riggar, Persist and Publish: Helpful Hints forAcademic Writing and Publishing, Niwot, Colo.: University Press of Colorado, c1991.
  2. National Science Foundation: Grant Proposal Guide,
  3. National Science Foundation: General Grant Conditions,
  4. National Science Foundation: ADVANCE Program Solicitation,
  5. National Science Foundation: CAREER Program Solicitation,
  6. National Science Foundation: Award Data,
  7. Army Research Office: Broad Agency Announcement
  8. Army Research Office: Young Investigator Program, INVESTIGATOR - also AFOSR and NASA
  9. NASA Headquarters Research Announcements:
  10. Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program, here
  11. National Institutes of Health: Award Data,
  12. National Institutes of Health: Career Development Awards,
  13. The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Faculty Start-up Grant Program CS PRF Type G "Starter" Grants Type G grants are intended for new faculty within the first three years of a regular appointment as an "Assistant Professor" or the equivalent. For grants beginning in 2002 the amount is $35,000 over two years.
  14. A summary of federal young investigator programs, from Berkeley

Getting the Most Out of Teaching

  1. Teaching Tips,
  2. Teaching Tips,
  3. Learning Styles
  4. University of Wisconsin, Women in Science Programs

Negotiation: Getting What You Want and When to Say No!

  1. Tips:
  2. List of web resources on salary negotiation:
  3. The Power of Saying No, Linda Tillman,
  4. Women Don't Ask - Negotiation and the Gender Divide, Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2003. ISBN 0-691-08940-X link here
  5. Salary raises from a department chair's point of view

ServiceWithout Over-commitment

  1. On Collegiality as a Criterion for Faculty Evaluation  AAUP
  2. Potential Pitfalls 3. Faculty of Color and Traditional Notions of Service, Benjamin Baez, NEA Higher Education Journal, here

Tenure Dossier Examples

  1. Tenure Narrative of Teri J. Murphy -  Teri J. Murphy
  2. Several examples across fields including CVs, Cover Letters and Narratives from New Mexico State University

Beyond Academia

  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Advice Column: Beyond the Ivory Tower - What you should know about nonacademic careers for Ph.D.'s here
  2. What You Don't Know About Cover Letters, Mary Dillon Johnson,
  3. Consulting Careers Beyond the Big Companies, Robin B. Wagner,
  4. Informational Interviewing 101, Robin B. Wagner,
  5. Deprogramming From the Academic Cult, Margaret Newhouse,
  6. Interview Season in Computer Science, Joseph Livingston,
  7. Negotiating Salary in the Nonacademic World, Gwendolyn Bradley,
  8. Women, Technology and Power - Ten Stars and the History They Made, Marguerite Zientara, New York: Amacom, c1987, ISBN 0-8144-5820-3.

A Similar Resource Page at MIT

  1. MIT Graduate Students Office

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