The George Washington University
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Interactive Data Structure Visualization Courseware

Dr. Duane J. Jarc
Dr. Michael B. Feldman

The Interactive Data Structure Visualization courseware consists of a collection of Web pages together with a Java applet. This courseware contains eleven lessons that are designed to accompany an introductory data structure course, particularly one taught in Ada 95. These lessons pertain to the topics of binary trees, graphs and sorting.

This courseware has been used to evaluate the role of Web-based courseware in the introductory computer science curriculum and to investigate the effect of interactivity and the importance of student learning styles. The results of the first study were presented at the SIGAda '98 conference.

This research was the topic of Duane Jarc's doctoral dissertation. His dissertation provides details concerning the design of the courseware and the results of both of the empirical studies.

We invite your comments about this courseware, particularly any problems that you experience using it, or any suggestions on how it might be improved.